My Video Recording Experiences

I have enjoyed video recording tremendously and had time to reflect and share with you my stories traveling in the motorhome.

My Mission

My Mission

LIFE IS GOOD – Going on a mission trip allows you to discover where you are in a life-changing experience. Each trip is different and that is why I wanted to share, inspire and spread happiness to all the viewers. In addition to help see the world and encourage more experiences.
Gregory Videography

Present – Sheila and her dog Snowy are traveling the Western States in her motorhome taking photos, videotaping scenic areas and Elks Lodges along the route.

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In 1999 Sheila received certification from American Guild of Court Videographers (AGCV) and videotaped: Depositions, Product Demonstrations, Meetings-Seminars, Day-in-the-Life, School Events/Plays and businesses.

Gregory Videography
Gregory Videography

The American Behcet’s Foundation (ABF) pronounced “beh-SHETS was founded in 1978 in Orange County, CA by Sheila Gregory the mother of a young Behcet’s patient, David. When David was in the National Enquirer, we received 6,500 letters. Today, by God’s grace and with his help David is devoted to preaching The Gospel. The ABF name was later changed to American Behcet’s Disease Association (ABDA). One of the main symptoms associated with Behcet’s is oral ulcers. Other symptoms include genital ulcers, eye inflammation, brain inflammation, and digestive tract ulcers. There is no cure for Behcet’s.

The ABDA supports, educates and empowers the Behcet’s Community to advocate better research and diagnostic to find a cure.

Email:  [email protected]

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The Gregory Family designed and developed products for the court reporting industry. Sheila had two design patents - A container-Insert used inside a wheelie case to carry all court reporting equipment, accessories, and developed chairs.

Gregory Videography

In the early '70s, Gregory Stenotype Service Company family business opened and became the largest vendor, distributor, and service of (court reporting machines) nationwide. Sheila became the first certified female technician and Authorized Service Provider (ASP) to service stenotype machines nationwide.

In the late 60's Sheila went to Court Reporting School and later received her credentials to teach Stenotype Theory. Gregory's helped institute court reporting classes in junior colleges, ROP’s and later opened a deposition firm to employ court reporters.